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yankees suck, red sox rule! get use 2 it

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happy easter nd then sum Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 10:09 pm
happy easter every 1. i way 2 full from 2day. but wut do u expect when u eat like 20 chicken wings, 2 pieces of greasy fried chicken, whole bunch of jelly beans nd chocolate nd 4 pieces of cake.

4 fun i found this from 1 of my friends

You Know You're From Buffalo When...

You bake with "soda" and drink "pop". ( so true)

You can hold an entire conversation on the best place to go for wings, a fishfry or pizza.
(so true)

You not only know what the terms "snowbelt" and "lake effect" mean - you use them on a daily basis.
(gotta love em)

You drive over 70mph on the Thruway and pass on the right.

(sad but true. bu hey we gotta get somewhere to)

You know how to pronouce, Scajaquada, Cheektowaga and Depew.
(no how 2 pronounce Scajaquada. i have friends that live in cheektowaga nd my sister lives in depew)

You don't think Canada is to the north ... you know it's to the West.
(what!! Buffalo is the last city before you hit Canada)

When someone says they are from "the City" - you ask "Which one?"
( had/have to of lived there to know what there talkin about)

You eat Orange Chocolate.
(orange chocolate is awesome!!)

this is all so true!!
Current Mood: fulli 8 2 much
Current Music: blvd of broken dreams- green day

Mar. 24th, 2005 @ 02:52 pm
i no i havent updated in a while so lets start yesterday skool

math- more queer triangles
french- reviewed 4 quiz
ddp- hung around
science- notes
global- stuff from the book
gym- basketball
lunch- ate nd went 2 library
english- critical lenses r gay

hockey last nit we lost 5-3 which sucks cuz i have 2 play again 2day

so today was 1 of the best skool dayz ever

math- quiz nd math-o
french- quiz nd organized binders( thank god cuz i had 2)
ddp- ate popcorn nd watched SEINFELD!!
science- pizza, cookies nd pop while watchin the core
global- actually fun (1st time 4 everything i guess) watched monty python
study hall- library 2 talk 2 joe 4 our hockey game 2 nite
lunch- usual ate nd library
english- critical lenses r still gay
fashion show wasnt that bad. it was actually pretty funny.

hockey again 2nite nd again we lost 5-3 nd again the refs screwed us over. we were down 3-0 sfter 2 periods nd everything was called rite down the middle. then we came back 2 tie 3-3 (i scored the tying goal) nd they started cheating again. i fuckin h8 refs.
Current Mood: pissed offgod damn refs
Current Music: papa roach cd

Mar. 22nd, 2005 @ 04:23 pm
i no i havent updated in a while but thats cuz nothin interestin has happen. nd nothin is changed but i waz bored so here is my day.

math- stupid triangles sheets wut a bunch of bs
french- great time tryin 2 say those creole words like bwason nd bisklet
ddp- kinda fun really did nothin but still fun
science- gay notes. y does she alwayz give us f*cken notes
global- notes nd went over map. i did well on it. its a first. i did sum tin rite in global score!!
study hall- library
lunch- ate nd went 2 library
english- dont remember but i bet it was stupid

nothin much goin on the rest of the day but hey championship game 4 hockey is 2morrow. kick ass dude
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: blood- papa roach

Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 05:14 pm
this is wut my name literally means

K is for Kinky
E is for Enlightened
V is for Virtuous
I is for Intelligent
N is for Neat
S is for Silky
N is for Normal
Y is for Yummy
D is for Devilish
E is for Entertaining
R is for Responsible

kinky- prolly
enlightened- no
virtuous- wtf?
intelligant- yea ok im intelligant
neat- hell no
silky- wtf?
normal- me.... normal???
yummy- this mite b the only thing tru
devilish- if im devilish then satan must b a cool person
entertaining- kinda
responsible- yea rite!!
Current Mood: confusedconfused

day of test, day of failin Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 04:30 pm
skool 2ady. it sux ass cuz i had like 3 tests in a row well kinda if u subtract lab nd lunch.

math- talked 2 mike nd sam bout our brackets. work sheet pretty gay
french- idr cuz i wasnt payin attention
ddp- finished ^ our catapult. the dowel broke so we r screwed.
science- quiz. did alrite. worked on a gas ass lab consistin of plottin earthquakes
global- 3 words. MIDDLE AGES TEST. 3 more words I FAILED MISERABLY!!!
lab- didnt finish cuz ms tierney is stupid
lunch- watch college b-ball tourney. i love 7th per lunch lol
english- test. really easy tho. he said it would take the whole class time 2 finish, i finished @ like 2:20 cuz im sweet

so yea i defiantly failed the global test. but i think ill do better that wut i thought cuz krista had the actual test that we were takin so i got 2 c wut i had 2 study. thanx a lot

Current Mood: weirdppl already no that im wierd
Current Music: scars- papa roach
Other entries
» skool is not cool
math- ms mis got pissed gave the whole class detention
french- group work. doyle wouldnt stop kickin me nd murph so we punched him nd hurt his ankle.
ddp- finished ^ project.
science- notes then wkst.
global- notes. told us what would b on the test. i think this time ill actually pass this one lol
study hall- library
lunch- ate then went 2 library. filled out ncaa bracket nd predictions 4 this comin baseball season. can u guess who i picked 2 win it all?
english- project. reviewed what is gonna b on the test.

went 2 go serve my detention 4 math nd she tells me that i dont have 2.WTF

hockey 2nite. were so gonna kill them nd we did 11-3. i only scored 1 goal. the game was awesome. dom almost got in2 a fight w/1 of their players. he could whoop that dudes ass. n e wayz leave a comment
» back 2 normal well close 2
weekend went by quick nd guess what now its monday nd that means gay skool.

math-reviewed 4 test. p.s. HAPPY PI DAY what a gay day 2 celebrate.
french- talked bout foriegn language week.easy stuff
ddp- project. talked 2 krista. good class
science- gay ass notes
global-comp lab 2 work on story. i need a ggod grade on this soo badly
study hall- library nd hung out w/joe dan nd matt
lunch- ate then library again
english- quiz. y do we get so many quizzes in english? there pointless

now im jus hangin around cuz i have no hw(which is always a plus) if u wanna do sum tin call the cell 6036261. l8er. o yea, comment
» (No Subject)
pretty eventful day 2 day. lets start from the beginin. woke ^ nd had 2 go 2 work. easy tho only took me bout 1 1/2 2 do everything. came home nd took a shower. nothin much til bout 5 when i went 2 the arena 2 c that wrestlin event. it was awesome. not the actual matches but the bikini contest waz awesome. what more do i have 2 say but 4 blonde girls strippin down 2 their bikinis.
» (No Subject)
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» my religion
hey guess what? im a buddhist. well at leat accordin 2 this thing

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