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good old kenmore days - yankees suck, red sox rule! get use 2 it

About good old kenmore days

Previous Entry good old kenmore days Jul. 10th, 2005 @ 11:12 pm Next Entry
ok i meant 2 update last night but i was tired n in sum pain. so ill just go from friday.

friday-nothin really til i went 2 kenmore days 4 a lil bit w/corey brian n rob. hey i won sum fish. well not 4 me cuz my moms a b!tch n wont let me have a pet. so i gave them 2 corey n rob. thats pretty much it.

saturday- work at 10 out by 11:30 easy shit!! went 2 kenmore days again w/corey n rob. eventually met up w/mike n chris. o wut games we had. keep away w/the lil kids. o yea n the tripping game. i hate u guyz 4 that. u messed up my ankle n my back!! but it was worth it when he got chris n rob ur a fag!!

so 2day- work n thats it

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Current Mood: pessimistici dunno y tho
Current Music: meant 2 live-switchfoot
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