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since the last time - yankees suck, red sox rule! get use 2 it

About since the last time

Previous Entry since the last time Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 12:55 am Next Entry

ok last time i dont remember so ill wing it. 2 days ago really hot outside but yet still went 2 work i swear that freezer is my best friend now!! but that kitchen is my hell cuz its 2 fuckin hot back there.  ne wayz worked 4 bout an 1 1/2 (yea its that short) came back home n stood in a front of a fan 4 bout 3 hours.


around 2:30ish went 2 mang park 4 sum baseball w/casterline, jake, jakes dad, nick, tom aka ass, tom friend #1 n tom friend #2. i did amazing again but wut else is new. i mean im not 1 2 brag but goin 6 for 7 is impressive even tho i didnt ne homers. thats wut pisses me off i keep hittin the ball well but my fat as wont run around the bases. o well 2 triples n 3 doubles aint that bad. after nick tom n his friends left me joe jake n jakes dad did buntin practice. i suck at bunting!!  i had 2 enlarge sry bout that.


ok so technically yesterday cuz u no im writin this at 1 am on tuesday i had 2 work again n it was even worse in the kitchen so i stayed in the freezer longer.  i swear i was in there 4 5 minutes w/o comin out, it was that good!! ne wayz came home showered stayed online 4 a lil bit. then my comp got all f**ked ^ so i had 2 fix it cuz u no me n bein sweet at this stuff. i fixed that n sat in front of a fan all day again until 4 sum go damned reason my parents decide they wanna go out 2 eat but the restaurant was air conditioned so it was cool.


ne wayz i feel like goin 2 bed but i dont so just comment.



Current Mood: tiredme so sleepy
Current Music: holiday-green day i dunno y its the only good thing on
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