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best day of the year - yankees suck, red sox rule! get use 2 it

About best day of the year

Previous Entry best day of the year Apr. 24th, 2005 @ 12:29 am Next Entry
so yea i havent updated cuz i didnt wanna. but i have 2 2day cuz it was a gr8t saturday.

ok i went 2 my friends house in the west side of buffalo cuz he was havin a party. so went there but he wasnt home yet so i went across the street cuz my other friends were over there. we were talkin bout sex nd this guy goes "u guyz gettin pussy" it was funny then he said "dont let the pussy beat u, u bet the pussy" i was lmao.

so ne wayz my friend comes home nd we play a little football. my team won of course nd as usual it was all cuz of me!! but i did have a good moment. i was returnin a kick off nd i was pushed outta bounds. i tried 2 maintain my balance but i didnt nd fell, messin up my elbow but i didnt make it seem that way cuz i alwayz fall durin a football game over there.

so after that we played a little street ball. this time my team got screwed ovewr, both games. i h8 wieny bitchy ppl who complain bout everything!!!

im goin go relax now cuz u no its late nd i have work in the mornin
Current Mood: tiredits late who wouldnt b
Current Music: NONE
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