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THIS IS CRAP - yankees suck, red sox rule! get use 2 it


Previous Entry THIS IS CRAP Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 06:52 pm Next Entry
my god!! i h8 skool so much thats y i dread days after break but wasnt so bad 2day.

math- more gay packets.

french- learned new verb nd did work. pointless

ddp- mr day had 2 give his speech about life nd if u dont stay after nd u have bad grades ur a loser. well call me a loser then cuz i dont care. then worked on our drawing

science- worksheet bout earthquakes. kinda fun. who am i kiddin it sucks

global- talked bout our spring break. ppl do sum strange things. nicole- y did u make a ghost movie? u prolly sucked @ bein the ghost. heck u cant play ghost online lol. went over test nd story. i actually did well. its a first. im actually happy bout gettin a 80 on a test.

gym- 3 on 3 b-ball. nd hey we lost 2 of them. the only reason we won the 3rd 1 is bcuz im sweet. no not really.

lunch- same as alwayz. ate nd went 2 library.

english- watched a movie where an english boy gets beat up nd pissed on.

o yea nd ppl wouldnt stop rippin on me cuz the yankees beat the sox. well i got 2 words 4 u ppl FUCK U!!!
Current Mood: enragedi h8 yankee fans
Current Music: none
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