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yankees suck, red sox rule! get use 2 it

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Aug. 2nd, 2005 @ 01:06 am
im straight up gangsta yo

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sum thing Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 12:27 pm
Ok last entry was a while ago so ill go w/ wut i can remember(this could b a while)

ok last monday didnt go 2 work cuz i went downtown 4 the day. reason being im a huge wrestling fan and there was a press conference so i went. pretty cool sum arab wrestler was being racist n the other 1 was speaking in jibberish language., funny shit. after that stayed downtown cuz my mom works there. so was downtown til about 3 ish. and thats it.

tuesday wednesday thursday friday- cant remember

saturday- work thats bout all i can remember

so yesterday real busy. real busy. had 2 go 2 work and get paid. then the hsbc arena 4 an autograph session but when i got there, they said it was a private thing n u needed 2 pay $100 2 get in. every1 was pissed, got channel 2 down there. but they eventually let us get autographs by the tag champs(well former champs) MNM. then went 2 my sisters 4 a lil bit cuz my mom wanted 2 cuz my nephew bit his tongue and has a big gash on it. very cranky kid and a BIG mommas boy. after that it was off 2 the Great American Bash. it was amazing. the pyros the fans all awesome. lost my voice from all the screaming i did but o well.

good old kenmore days Jul. 10th, 2005 @ 11:12 pm
ok i meant 2 update last night but i was tired n in sum pain. so ill just go from friday.

friday-nothin really til i went 2 kenmore days 4 a lil bit w/corey brian n rob. hey i won sum fish. well not 4 me cuz my moms a b!tch n wont let me have a pet. so i gave them 2 corey n rob. thats pretty much it.

saturday- work at 10 out by 11:30 easy shit!! went 2 kenmore days again w/corey n rob. eventually met up w/mike n chris. o wut games we had. keep away w/the lil kids. o yea n the tripping game. i hate u guyz 4 that. u messed up my ankle n my back!! but it was worth it when he got chris n rob ur a fag!!

so 2day- work n thats it

yea so leave a comment
Current Mood: pessimistici dunno y tho
Current Music: meant 2 live-switchfoot

baseball n other Jul. 1st, 2005 @ 04:33 pm

ok so since last update which was june 28th.


29th which was a wenesday i think......yea it was. ne wayz baseball.  the mang diamonds were either used or in really bad shape.  so we(meaning jake, joe, kyle, jakes dad, susan aka hoffstetter n myself) tried the diamonds by woodward.  which is alwayz fun when u have 2 ride ur bike there. n can u believe that those were used 2.  so we eventually decided 2 go 2 the west. it says softball diamond only but who gives a shit.  i had 1 of the best days of baseball ive ever had.  3 triples 3 doubles n like 4 singles but still no homers.  FUCK!! but o well. my defense wasnt that bad either. i caught every thing that came my way cuz u no how sweet i am at fielding!! not really


ok yesterday woke up bout 12:00 cuz u no its summer im allowed 2.  joe stopped by n hung around 4 a while. came back home 2 realize that the report card came. DUN DUN DUN!!  not that bad actually i passed ddp n global which is a big  big  big reflief. plus an 88 on the earth science which was another big plus.


so today im doin absolutely nothing n i dont plan on doin ne thing cuz im really really tired. so dont ask me if i wanna do ne thing!! got that? good


bitch!!  sry i had 2


Current Mood: pissed offwhen am i not pissed off
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since the last time Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 12:55 am

ok last time i dont remember so ill wing it. 2 days ago really hot outside but yet still went 2 work i swear that freezer is my best friend now!! but that kitchen is my hell cuz its 2 fuckin hot back there.  ne wayz worked 4 bout an 1 1/2 (yea its that short) came back home n stood in a front of a fan 4 bout 3 hours.


around 2:30ish went 2 mang park 4 sum baseball w/casterline, jake, jakes dad, nick, tom aka ass, tom friend #1 n tom friend #2. i did amazing again but wut else is new. i mean im not 1 2 brag but goin 6 for 7 is impressive even tho i didnt ne homers. thats wut pisses me off i keep hittin the ball well but my fat as wont run around the bases. o well 2 triples n 3 doubles aint that bad. after nick tom n his friends left me joe jake n jakes dad did buntin practice. i suck at bunting!!  i had 2 enlarge sry bout that.


ok so technically yesterday cuz u no im writin this at 1 am on tuesday i had 2 work again n it was even worse in the kitchen so i stayed in the freezer longer.  i swear i was in there 4 5 minutes w/o comin out, it was that good!! ne wayz came home showered stayed online 4 a lil bit. then my comp got all f**ked ^ so i had 2 fix it cuz u no me n bein sweet at this stuff. i fixed that n sat in front of a fan all day again until 4 sum go damned reason my parents decide they wanna go out 2 eat but the restaurant was air conditioned so it was cool.


ne wayz i feel like goin 2 bed but i dont so just comment.



Current Mood: tiredme so sleepy
Current Music: holiday-green day i dunno y its the only good thing on
Other entries

wow its been a while since i was on this thing. mayb its cuz i have a life outside of the computer. well ne wayz wut has happened since i last updated??  well ill do wut i can remember.  so yea i failed ddp even tho i skipped out on 2 classes 2 try n pass but o well.  bunch of exams that i actually passed so yea its cool. 

ok so today after that gay science exam i hung around w/rob mike chris n paul til me n rob left 2 catch w/goose(joe christopher  dont ask). we wnt to pizza hut, i swear i like live there now, ive there 3 times in the last week, so after that rode around a little bit.  came home found out we were playin baseball at 3:30 so played sum baseball w/sum sweet ppl aka casterline(damnu n the yankees), susie aka matt hoffstetter(dont care if i spelled that rite), jake, huber, n sum others i dont remember their names.  i was amazing as usual but thats me 4 u bein the sweet person i am goin like 7 for 8 w/like 4 doubles(but im not the 1 2 brag so ill leave it at that!!)  ok i wont.  every1 else couldnt do shit except me til bout 3 or 4 innings in.  so yea   I AM SWEET!!


o yea i almost 4 got 2 say this. i saw an old friend of ours at mang park.  yea thats right sam hazlett i swear i hate that kid but its alright.


well ne wayz ill try my best 2 update as much as possible even tho its summer n ill b busy n i dont waste my life on this god damn motha fuckin computer. so yea comment


» best day of the year
so yea i havent updated cuz i didnt wanna. but i have 2 2day cuz it was a gr8t saturday.

ok i went 2 my friends house in the west side of buffalo cuz he was havin a party. so went there but he wasnt home yet so i went across the street cuz my other friends were over there. we were talkin bout sex nd this guy goes "u guyz gettin pussy" it was funny then he said "dont let the pussy beat u, u bet the pussy" i was lmao.

so ne wayz my friend comes home nd we play a little football. my team won of course nd as usual it was all cuz of me!! but i did have a good moment. i was returnin a kick off nd i was pushed outta bounds. i tried 2 maintain my balance but i didnt nd fell, messin up my elbow but i didnt make it seem that way cuz i alwayz fall durin a football game over there.

so after that we played a little street ball. this time my team got screwed ovewr, both games. i h8 wieny bitchy ppl who complain bout everything!!!

im goin go relax now cuz u no its late nd i have work in the mornin
» its been a while
my bad 4 not updatin in a while but u no i have a life. i have better things 2 do then write my life story. but i just felt like i needed 2 so i just say wut happened 2day.

math- teachers didnt show. thought we could get off free but no there was a gay sub. took the stupid test. ppl didnt finish so she took it from them. grant ylls when she takes it "WOW THAT IS FUCKIN GAY!!"

french- took a quiz. dan w/ the quote from that class "Thank god im not a girl"

ddp- worked on our new sweet project that has us buildin a ramp. its sum thing i actually no cuz i built ramps all the time w/ my friends down in da hood lol

science- lab passback day. im so happy cuz i have enough labs now 2 take the regents (NOT!!)

global- zen buddhism. meetze tried to "distract" us by slammin wood against the wall nd puttin it like an inch away from our faces. didnt phase me 1 bit. id b a sweet buddhist.

lab- 2 borin 2 explain

lunch- hey there was actually baseball on. braves nd nationals but still baseball.

english- I H8 MR SCARISBRICK!! we were finishin up the first chapter in a book that seems intestin nd had 2 do sum writin but i finished early nd brought it up 2 the front. nd he told me 2 take it back cuz it wasnt the end of the period. then keeps most of the class after nd says if he catches us talkin durin an activity its a detention. im goin 2 myself wut the fuck crawled up his ass?

hey my allstar game is 2nite. we won of course 11-1/ me bein sweet like i am scored amazin goals nd nd an even sweeter in between the legs pass. i told u all that i would b sweet well thats its 4 now so comment on how sweet i am at hockey
my god!! i h8 skool so much thats y i dread days after break but wasnt so bad 2day.

math- more gay packets.

french- learned new verb nd did work. pointless

ddp- mr day had 2 give his speech about life nd if u dont stay after nd u have bad grades ur a loser. well call me a loser then cuz i dont care. then worked on our drawing

science- worksheet bout earthquakes. kinda fun. who am i kiddin it sucks

global- talked bout our spring break. ppl do sum strange things. nicole- y did u make a ghost movie? u prolly sucked @ bein the ghost. heck u cant play ghost online lol. went over test nd story. i actually did well. its a first. im actually happy bout gettin a 80 on a test.

gym- 3 on 3 b-ball. nd hey we lost 2 of them. the only reason we won the 3rd 1 is bcuz im sweet. no not really.

lunch- same as alwayz. ate nd went 2 library.

english- watched a movie where an english boy gets beat up nd pissed on.

o yea nd ppl wouldnt stop rippin on me cuz the yankees beat the sox. well i got 2 words 4 u ppl FUCK U!!!
» spring break= hockey
havent updated since easter so here u go

monday- hockey w/ sum sweet ppl 4 bout an hour. as i was walkin home i saw cop cars nd an ambulance turn down victoria( where my nephews live) so i checked out where they were goin but it wasnt there house(thankfully) so came home nd chilled

tuesday- nothin

wednesday- sleep sleep sleep!!

today- played hockey @ mil-sher w/ppl. since i didnt have skates i was forced 2 play goalie nd the fact that cuch didnt show. but hey i did better than u think. i mean i did win 2 games nd won a nice bruise on my leg thanx 2 joe. came home nd showered nd now im talkin 2 sum ppl.

so as u can c my break has been pretty much all hockey. hey i found out my all star 4 hockey is april 13 nd ive been invited 2 go cuz im sweet. o yea
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